10 Foods to Eat in Tasmania

There is nothing like eating meals where it is caught, grown and created. In Tassie, there are few places where you are able to eat the ingredients right from where it was collected. Alternatively, eating delicious food while enjoying the scenery Tasmania has to offer is not half bad. We have chosen a few highlights for your Tassie road trip—only bring an esky, a picnic rug and your desire for food, and you will always be ready. Here are the 10 things you should definitely try while you are in Hobart.

1. Flinders Island lamb

Indulging in succulent milk-fed lamb at Tasmania’s finest restaurants is a decadent experience, but seeing the island in which it was created and cooking it to some beachside BBQ? Come to Flinders Island to eat the lamb. Freshness and fun are guaranteed!

2. Meat pies

They might be exported from the pallet load but Tasmania’s famous National pies are eaten straight from the oven. Produced from Cape Grim beef, you are able to eat one of those sensational delicious treats just out of the bakery ovens at Hobart’s bakeries or breakfast places.

3. Fudge

Tasmania is known for its quality of its own butter, also Fudgey requires this excellent ingredient and combines it with chocolate to create among the island’s very indulgent and tasty treats. Few shops also lets you in on the cooking process, so do keep an eye on those.

4. Leatherwood honey

Leatherwood honey is exclusive into the jungle surrounding Cradle Mountain. When you have finished researching, make a stop at Mole Creek at which you can purchase it in the mill door.

5. Freshly shucked oysters

Freshness is paramount in regards to oysters. A lot of luxurious restaurants around Hobart serve tremendously fresh oysters and you can eat them while gazing at the seascape.

6. Scallop stinks

You can not visit Tassie rather than attempt a Tasmanian scallop dish, in which the scallops are cooked in a creamy curry sauce before being wrapped into a casing of buttery, crispy pastry.

7. Wasabi cheese

Tasmanian grown wild wasabi provides a fantastic zing to most regular smooth cheddar cheese, produced in the milk of cows grazing on a organic pasture diet. The ideal place to try it’s in the Ashgrove Cheese farm gate, where you are able to meet both cows and the cheesemakers.

8. Olive oil

As a result of rich volcanic soils and a cool weather, Tasmania creates amazing olives. Top Tassie chefs supply their petroleum from Cradle Coast Olives so can you, with a trip to their basement door.

9. Chocolate

A trip to the House of Anvers is your greatest chocoholic’s adventure. After researching the chocolate museum, see the confectionery pros on the job and do not forget to pick up some moreish samples to take home.

10. Cocktails

A sip of cocktail after a day of sightseeing or testing the amazing food Hobart has to offer might be the best way to end the day. Check out the IXL Long Bar for award-winning specialty cocktails and premium spirits.

The excellent thing about each of these food encounters is that they are available to anybody with a vehicle and the tremendous desire to eat good food. Having a car beside you in Tassie implies that you are able to fill your boot with snacks to share with family and friends when you get home! Obviously, there are numerous more fabulous food to be found around the Apple Isle, therefore if your preferred Tassie treat is not on this listing please tell us about it in the comments below.